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Fandom Life cronology

1980 - Born.

1988 - I'm madly in love with TV anime series called The Three Musketeers. I remember being grounded on an episode day and begging my mother on my knees to watch it (to her absolute amazement). Spend the early 90's recording all 52 episodes on VCR (and mistakenly re-recording over them). 3 episodes per tape. Yep. Knew nobody else who liked this series. I was a fandom of one.

1994/5? - 1st internet contact: a new tech exhibition. They had PC's connected to this new "internet" shizz. Browser was Altavista and I asked the guy next to me what to do. He told me to look for something. What? Anything. I searched for "Queen" as was a big fan. Browsed a few fansites. All a bit boring.

1995-6 - Huge internet boom. I go to internet shops once a week, to basically chat on mIRC and spend a lot of money on 2 hours of internet. Ahahahaha, what a waste. Meet up with other internauts, who are as boggled by meet-ups as I am. Everybody is safe and nerdy.

1997-9 - Become huge fan of anime Rurouni Kenshin. Search the web and start reading fanfiction. For a couple of years I'm even a moderator/poster in a Kenshin fanfiction mailing list (that's right!!!). It's there I'm introduced to lime/lemon (aka het porn) and eventually yaoi (gay porn). At first super weird, then I really like it. Jump on the Yaoi bandwagon. Go on to original slash stories and random other slash anime fandoms/doushinjis.

2000-6 - There's rumours of a real, live, in the flesh, gay TV series. I jump ship from Yaoi to Slash and become huge fan of Queer as Folk (US). At this time the only things I had acess to were recaps, fanfic and small clips of scenes people shared online (via ZIP files and direct download). Only saw the full episodes years after series is over. Start on LiveJournal (2004) to be able to read all the fanfic. There's space for a little bit of LoTR's fanfic, but I don't go deep into the fandom.

2006-9 - Through LJ I dable in lots of interests, like Sherlock Holmes (yeah, slash of the original stories) and keep in touch with random Yaoi groups.

2009 - An old friend from the Yaoi days writes a ficlet for the new Star Trek. I go to see the movie so I can read her new story. Boom. Star Trek happens. New fandom.

2010 - Rumours of a new Sherlock Holmes adaptation abound. Very sceptical. Boom. Sherlock happens. So does Benedicts Cumberbatch. New fandom. Find out AO3.

2014 - Still in love with all my fandoms. :D

10 years!

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On a whim went back to older posts, and when I checked my archive, guess what?

10 years ago was my first ever post on LiveJournal. To the day.

How amazing is that?

Cheers LJ. Tumblr and twitter are good adversaries, but I'm still here.

Whitechapel: TV vs reality?

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I understand what Whitechapel is going for (scary criminal exploration pulling heavily on the horror part). But me being a scientist with a penchant for control, it annoys me endlessly that:

- phone rings, somebody whispers spookily down the line. Whitechapel: character scared shitless, does nothing. Me: it's an incident room in a police station (ffs), get a record of incoming calls, see who's calling.

- water tap doesn't fully close, water keeps dropping atmospherically. Whitechapel: character scared shitless, does nothing. Me: call plumber.

- water seeping from bathroom floor. Whitechapel: character scared shitless, does nothing. Me: call plumber.

- footsteps echoing down the hallway. Whitechapel: character scared shitless, tries half-heartedly to check for origin of mysterious footsteps. Me: yeah, scared shitless, currently working on this one. With both eyes semi-shut. ;)

And suddenly...

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Last year I posted here about the lengths I went to to get a piece of clothing I liked (loved / was obsessed with).

I have been struck again.

Long as hell post about a piece of clothing... with pictures!Collapse )

I have seen IT (for the second time)

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Something worth emphasizing about the movie: in spite of its weaknesses and foibles and fumblings, it has a kickass cast.

Thoughts on cast...Collapse )

Acting aside, I enjoyed the movie better the second time (I think I was too strung out the first time), even if I did think at the end there "oh, it's now gonna be another 10 minutes before Cumberbatch is on again. BORED." And before you ask, yes, I have tried therapy and it clearly didn't work. LOL


I have seen IT

ben, trek
I saw Star Trek Into Darkness today.

Feels this way....Collapse )


Hunting for Trek (stealth version)

ben, trek
Star Trek Into Darkness is opening in Portugal next week. There are 1 or 2 different ads going on TV right now (so happy!). So the time has come for me to hunt down some tickets. There is a avant-premiere on wednesday night, but only for promotional purposes, like giveaways (I would totally buy a ticket, you guys! With cash!), so I signed in for 3 different giveaways. Eh.

In the meanwhile, today I went to my favourite cinema and asked about any special program, but no, they didn't even know the schedule for thursday yet. :( It is of course, good to remember that socially and economically my country is living pretty lean, depressing times, not much helped by this depressing weather. So the times for big dos (like the Lord of the Rings movies) are over.

Hopefully I'll get a ticket for the avant-premiere, but even if not (sometimes a bunch of people who are only there because they got free tickets do not make the best kind of audience), I'm not very bothered. I'll just get a ticket to the first showing on thursday. Because it'll probably be at some ungodly hour like 1pm or 4pm, fingers crossed not a lot of people will be there (remember I'm not keen on cinema, or people ;)), or if not, at least true hard core fans.



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I just realized my life is currently split between wednesday's update of Nothing to Make a Song About (a pretty good Sherlock story) and plnunn's weekly (thank God for that!) updates of Shifting the Balance (a mindblowing, amazing, Rurouni Kenshin epic).

So... shall we begin?

Ben Cumberbatch


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